Max Glenister

Things I should probably add to this…

  1. Style the individual status pages
  2. Add an RSS/JSON feed
  3. Add links to share (twitter?) a post
  4. Link off to my other pages in a nice way – perhaps like a profile
  5. Some sort of way to make posting here via (web or Github GUI) easier… Chrome extension?
  6. Make ./newpost command work cross-platform
  7. Encourage people to clone and create their own status feed!
  8. Move the styles and things out to their own files.

Otherwise… this is pretty cool!


Max Glenister

What about post hierarchy? Can this post have a parent? Yes it can! Using the handy `parent` frontmatter, and specifying the post that it's a child of. Also, the parent will be embedded in place, and on the parent post it'll indicate it has a reply.